ITEC 600D Coupling System

We manufacture couplers and eyes designed specifically for our H-type dolly applications. The ITEC 475 & 525 Eye and 600d Coupler meets or exceeds all US and Canadian transport requirements. The ITEC 600d coupling system (hitch) is the world’s first hitch design that can be manually released under fore or aft pressure without using air. This also adds to driver safety and convenience. ITEC’s practice of induction hardening all drawbar eyes and pintle hooks drastically extends the life of each eye and hitch is due to its increased wear resistance. Induction hardening doesn’t just harden the outer surface of the material, it also adds strength throughout.

  • New & improved design
  • Engineered for a wider range of applications
  • Induction hardened for long life and performance
  • Designed for maximum strength and durability
  • Engineered for minimum dolly eye wear
  • Industry standard bolt pattern

475 & 525 Couplers tension test performance results

The ITEC 475 & 525 Couplers meets or exceeds all Transport Canada requirements. Tension test performed by Braun Interec.

Load DirectionProof Load, lbsProof Load, KNUltimate Load, lbsUltimate Load, KN
Horizontal Pull Capacity90,000400135,750600
Tongue Weight Capacity22,50010033,750150


Click below to download the user manuals for our 600d Coupler or WG600 Wear Gauge.